Vault Security Limited helps clients first develop and then execute a timely and measured response to crises with business priorities in mind

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Vault Security Limited provides high quality and effective static guarding for both Government and Commercial clients. To date we have had no breaches of security at any site.

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Vault Security Limited mobile security teams provide bespoke security solutions to facilitate ease of movement and successful business activities in a high threat environment.

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Vault Security Limited provides comprehensive security services tailored to the threat, the operating environment and the specific requirements of its clients

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Vault Security Limited can provide trained Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) together with experienced handlers.

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Working at Vault Security

If you are looking for a chance to make a difference, Vault Security Limited is the place for you. Together, we can build a safe society.

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Why Vault

Vault Security Limited's key pillars of success to date are:

  • Intimate understanding of the client's mission requirements and close working relationships
  • Service delivery that is threat driven and intelligence led
  • The ability to manage large, complex multi-million naira contracts with meticulous invoicing and accounting.
  • Speed and flexibility to react and deliver solutions quickly in hostile environments
  • Integration of local culture where and when appropriate Accountability and transparency of process.
  • Professional and experienced high quality management and staff
  • Clarity of purpose, professional expertise and service delivery
  • Integrity and an impressive track record
  • Total reliability and imaginative solutions
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Recruitment Standard

At Vault Security Limited., our principle as it borders on recruitment is to provide our clients with qualified and adequate personnel at the right time and place, accomplishing the desired results. 

Vault security Limited will recruit distinct, experienced and qualified officers with adequate environment exposure from the immediate environment and geographical areas contiguous to you. These selected officers will be given initial security training and monthly in-house refresher courses.

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Business Types

Our niche is our unique human and material resources which we have harnessed into our corporate zeal to provide standardized Security Services tailored to meet specific major estates' need.

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